For those who can’t watch this  (Sherlock PBS: The cast and creators on Episode 2), I’ve uploaded an hq version of it here

NEW LINK (the other one wasn’t working and then I uploaded the muppets one instead of the interview one, sowwy, i’m silly): HERE  (feb 05)

UPDATE: if you’ve downloaded it before and it’s something a previous interview, it’s because i’m really dumb and I’ve shared the wrong video. But it’s fixed now. SORRY. UGH I’M THE WORST.

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Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock Series 3 PBS special [watch] [download]

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Download: PBS Special Sherlock series 3: The Creators and Cast on Episode

You can download this PBS special: Sherlock season 3 “ The Creators and Cast on Episode” in HD quality from here. Reblog/like/share/use/comment.

SPOILER WARNING IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE EPISODES (which at this point sounds ludicrous but fair warning).

UPDATE: Link updated as of feb 13

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What if it’s up to Mary who decides who lives next?

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I have this idea. 

What if Mary is the one that decided that it was John turn to live? The texts she received perhaps they weren’t skip code but the opportunity to make a choice. Perhaps it’s a sick game by CAM, perhaps he found out about Mary.

The texts begin by saying: Save souls now! Perhaps that was just it. Save a soul: John (Watson) or James (Sholto)?

Saint or sinner? We could consider John to be a saint (or as everyone would call him he is, he saves lives), and Sholto is a sinner (the public eye views him as one, because of him lots of innocents have died, imagine if he was killed, it would be redeeming).

The more is less? The benefit of saving the life of one that could eventually save the life of lots (John) versus the benefit of hundreds feeling redeemed by the death of one (Sholto).

And John is saved. The choice is made, and it’s Mary and Sherlock of course who save him.

And Sholto goes to the wedding, with burn scars. Probably the ones that John would have ended up with. Perhaps somebody saved Sholto, perhaps it was just a warning… of things to come.

I don’t know where this is leading but coincidences? I don’t think so?

Edit: the photo we know from Sholto from the war didn’t leave him with scars, so the scars weren’t made from the war. They are new scars.

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But what if all the “trolls” are actually Sherlock in his campaign to keep John safe from harm?

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Ok, so the little bit of chin/cheekbone/shoulder/collar in the photo from the #SherlockLives trailer (second image) is in fact Sherlock, according to the new photo that was released today (first image). He has that tall collar and bowtie.

But I wonder… did he showed up to the restaurant dressed like the third image (from one of the first trailers) and then changed into the bowtie? Or maybe the third image is not related to this moment?

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"Sherlock Holmes has been gone for two years. But someone isn’t quite convinced that he’s dead…"

So runs the brief but intriguing synopsis for Many Happy Returns, a mini episode of Sherlock set to become available via the BBC’s interactive Red Button service from Christmas Day.

No cast details have been revealed for the short prequel episode so we don’t know whether Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, or his friend John, Martin Freeman, will appear but it sounds as if there are some die hard Sherlock fans out there who aren’t ready to give up on the detective even after all this time…  

Many Happy Returns will be available to watch at various times between 25 of December and New Year’s Day, when Sherlock series three proper begins.

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