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!!!!!!!! dflajlj    ilu allison and all the silly kids that reblogged this post!! silly silly kids making me all teary-eyed and not because of johnlock angst ;____;  

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it’s my first day of vacation and I’m having a crappy day. I’m so tired and I’m getting anxious already which was exactly the reason why I took some weeks off. Ugh fuck everything.

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I had an awful day today and I almost cried in front of my bosses and some co-workers in the middle of a meeting and felt like I was going to faint or something because my heart was beating very fast and I couldn’t breathe?? Idk what was that but my cheeks were burning and I was a bit dizzy, and I was speaking really fast and explaining something and nobody could understand what I was trying to say so I had to ask a co-worker that usually gets me to translate and that soothed me a bit. It was dreadful to say the least. All because of that fucking cunt. I really need to calm down and stop thinking about her because I will have to see her again in two weeks. And atm I’m filled with hatred and bad feelings. Anyway, I’m going to watch Utopia. 

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UGH. I just had this huge discussion with a coworker (the pregnant one I’m usually complaining about). So like I’m her boss but I wasn’t always and she hates being told what to do or being called on her mistakes so I had to talk to a customer that was upset because of an email she sent them and when I began telling her she was smiling at me sarcastically and being the fucking bitch she always becomes when she doesn’t want to do something and saying that I should calm down that if that customer got me upset that I shouldn’t raise my voice at her (which I fucking wasn’t and she kept smiling and acting innocent and bullshit like that. What a fucking bitch. I can’t wait for her to fucking have that kid so I can have a vacation from her for months. I hope she grows a fucking brain while she’s at it. Asshole.

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You must be so so unhappy and even frustrated that a new Sherlock series is coming (sometime lol) if you hate Sherlock the character so much and the fact that the show is about the relationship between Sherlock and John and really little else, you know like the books the writers are such fanboys of. Like I’m happy you like other characters, believe me I found Mr Collins from Pride and Prejudice quite funny (I know). I just don’t understand how you can watch a show when you hate the story and the main character the way some of you do. Like I’m actually really sorry for you :(  I’d give you a hug but I’m not much of a hugger. I’ll do this though: *hug*. I hope you have better luck with another show.

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I removed the online counter from my blog because it’s been acting weird lately and honestly what’s the point. The only “good” thing I got from it is knowing that some of the hate messages I used to received came from apparently the same person (same country, OS).

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Gosh. It’s so so so nice to read nice things in the tags of things that you post. Specially when you worked hard to make something. ;__;

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My Internet is back!!¡ yes. I know. Your news about having tickets to see Hamlet is more important I’m sure. But I’m happy for this :3 

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I realise that it may be my fault that I can’t stand most people that I have to talk to daily but the thing is that I don’t want that to change. Like I was thinking about how therapy would help me with this and if help it means accepting these annoying fucks then whatever, I’d rather be alone.

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My cable and therefore Internet is not working at home and I’ve been without it since last Wedsnday and I’m at work now and I’m being told that the cable people are finally working to fix the problem and jfc I miss having Internet. But I’ve been working on a gifset that I’ll publish tonight probably or tomorrow and also HI new followers. I guess you all like me more when I’m away :3  Anyway *hugs* (only one though, contrary to most of the Argentinian population I’m not much of a hugger)

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