i haven’t made a sherlock gifset in 2 weeks! let’s do something about that huh.

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I took a 4 hours nap and now I’m wide awake and I have to get up in less than 5 hours. Yay me for excelling at decision making.

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I don’t understand when people dislike an actor or character so much and constantly dis them but at the same time it’s the main focus of their (in some cases popular) blogs . How unhappy can you be? 

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I got a bit carried away with my tags on that Back to the future gifset but you must understand that I love that movie so much that it’s verging on weird.

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seriously though if you judge people’s maturity by their blogs and tumblr then i can only wish you a happy journey out of my askbox

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That fucking spinning icon is making me anxious and absolutely nervous! I can’t wait until they remove it, or the xkit guy comes up with a way to block the bloody thing. You should be a bit more careful with that kind of stuff, staff

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As far as I know nobody actually owns language, it’s ever evolving and changing (not thank to people like those). I’m not entitled to use certain words because… i was born …. in… the wrong….?? I can’t even continue that line. What kind of dictatorship is this fuckary?! I will use whatever word I want as long as I’m not hurting anybody. Sue my multilingual culo. 

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I’m almost too horny to blog after all these photos of Ben C.

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And people were actually complaining about the hat. Let the hat be. Let’s talk about the polka dot bordeaux shirt.

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