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i’m working on a ff and i’m the worse because i have only gone through half the blogs i follow (i follow around 600 blogs) and i’ve selected over 100 already and i can’t help it i just love all of you.

I’m back!

Hello everyone! I’m happy to say I’m officially back.

The surgery went well and I was discharged yesterday at noon. The doctor said that everything is healing properly. I’m a bit sore still but I’m taking painkillers. It hurts specially when I get up or I lay down, or I cough (which i’m doing a lot). I had a bit of a rough night that same Wednesday after the surgery but I was told by the doctor that it was sometimes the way the body reacts to the anaesthetic. 

Anyway, I’m at home now and I’m doing all right. I’ve been sleeping a lot yesterday but I’m slowly getting back on track. I can’t eat much, specially not the fun stuff so I’m like eating vegetables and fruits and you know… “healthy food” (boring).

Thanks for all the good wishes you’ve sent my way. Please know that they have helped <33

Hello. Just a quick word to let you know that I’m having surgery next Thursday (after postponing it for like two years) so I won’t be here at least on Thursday and perhaps Friday as well. I guess it depends?! I was told I will be able to go home that same day if everything goes well so I hope that’s the case. I suppose it depends if I’m in pain and not in the mood or something. 

I do not understand how johnlock shippers, even BBC sherlock fans as a whole, can follow someone (and even claim how awesome they are) that calls them “assholes”. Seriously someone help me understand or i will believe those people who follow this person that calls them assholes are completely loony.

*clears throat* i am going to make a gifset *unclears throat*

i finally gave up on that gifset i was trying to make. i just can’t do it. it’s been a week of absolutely wasting my time to get it to look the way i imagined it and i can’t. i hate this because i wasted a fucking week with this and now i’m throwing it away.

i think i’m not comfortable with human interaction. i don’t think this is good but whenever i’m outside all i want to do is not see anyone at all and go inside. 

I am ever so tired of people who brag about photos they have and they didn’t even know they have (whoops!) and they casually share them (bless you, your grace), but some of course. And it makes me laugh at the same time because of reasons.