My mother just called me at work cause two guys attempted to gain access to house by pretending to be from the phone company and the lady that helps my mum was smart enough not to let them in and they pretended that it was all a mistake and left but now i’m terrified cause I do not want to have to live through that situation again of having strangers in my house. We’ve been mugged before … last february, when my mum and myself were inside and this guy showed up at night and threatened us with a weapon and I’m fucking trembling if this happens again. I’m so fucking terrified that they’ll come back. And I’m so tired of being afraid of this all the time. It’s literally ruining my health and the little life i have. 

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How darling it is to by bullied by two popular tumblr folks :) 

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This tumblr supports thekneegrope

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Some people with thousands of followers need to chill and stop harassing others or being passive aggressive because of TUMBLR STUFF. HAVE YOU NO CONCEPT OF REAL LIFE PROBLEMS? I have no idea why so many of you are following that piece of shit.

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My street is finally on google’s street view and I’m frowning because my cats weren’t outside like they usually are. Can I call them so they take the pics again? :(

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I’d like to do a gif colab with someone but idk if someone wants to.

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I just came back from a 3 hours meeting and my brain is screaming. It’s pouring outside and I didn’t bring my umbrella. I slept 4 hours in 2 days and it’s safe to say I’m a bit tired and I yawned in front of my boss like 4 times. He’s ok with it luckily. Anyway :)))))))))))) 

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I’m between really wanting to have pizza for breakfast right now and feeling really disgusted with myself for wanting pizza for breakfast.

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i haven’t made a sherlock gifset in 2 weeks! let’s do something about that huh.

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