I had a very very lousy day today at work, like literally the worst day at work and I wasn’t going to come online but idk here I am and I log in and I see that Miranda reblogged a silly (long) text post I made one day when I was very anxious about Johnlock and the show like we normally are and wow I can’t believe lots of my favourite people actually reblogged it and added nice comments in their tags and I’m not even going to mention a fucktard hijacking my post to add some lame remark (bless my hero Jadzia for going Terminator  -sorry i’m from the 90s- on their sorry ass). And now I’m very happy and of course terribly embarrassed because I didn’t re-read what I wrote and it’s full of errors (probably like this text) and I’m sorry but I’m glad we shared that moment of extreme fangirling the sort where you just write a lot of stuff without even breathing and you cry and then you bust out laughing and you might see stars. I think there might have been a full moon or there was some spell going on. Maybe it was just how much all of you shine that made me a bit nuts :) Thank you all ♥ You made my day so much brighter and it’s nice going to bed that way.

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Really, I don’t have a care in the world about what you ship even if what you ship is totally different and even comes between my ship, but I don’t want to see people hating on my ship in my dash the same way I don’t write hate on mine. So I’m glad and it’s a relief this crazy ass person stopped following me because if I had to see one more reblog (all coming from them) of that tumblr user with lots of unhealthy personal issues that claims that Sherlock and John have a sick relationship and hijacks johnlockers posts to add hateful stupid comments then I was going to snap. Thank you, XXX. It’s a relief not having you on my dash.

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deadly cute cloudmelon tagged me for the selfie thing but i don’t like any of my photos and none make me feel cute (quite the contrary) so i will have to pass :( i’m sorry dear i failed you. 

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this is embarrassing caro why must u do this to meeee dont look at it nobody uhghh my desktop is a fucking mess (i’m sorry i did have to move some stuff because it was ACTUALLY COVERING EVERYTHING) i’m sorry it’s not cool :(((((
i was tagged (evil girl!!!) by wonderlandinmymind (jk ♥)
1. take a screenshot of your desktop
2. don’t change anything (ugh i failed)
3. don’t delete anything (didnt deleted but moved the icons so u can look at the boys)
4. tag 5 more people

tagging: martinjfreeman onemoremiracle14 barahirsaconissa​ and avawatson​ :) AND because now i’m really curious bqkerst

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What’s the fandom name for fans of ireallyshouldbedrawing ? ♥

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Bucket list.
1. Get a beard burn from rubbing my face against Martin Freeman’s current facial hair.

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bless the mute option ♥  i can block annoying coinceited people and their annoying coinceited posts ♥  la falsa modestia es lo peor que hay ♥  minita imbécil ♥

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