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12 hours later, I wake up from my nap.

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What’s the purpose of having your own private office with a door that you keep closed if people are just going to knock for the purpose of absolutely nothing and walk right in?

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Can morning!me remind night!me that I need to get more sleep? It’s hard to get by 9 hours at the office on 3 hours of sleep. 

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ugh im so bored :(  

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It makes me so upset when I see huge medical bills posted on tumblr and I honestly have no idea what happens after to these families and people. I wish I could donate like half my monthly pay but our currency-to-dollar ration is 140% over each dollar so it’s like impossible for me but… Is there really no free access to good medical healthcare or drugs for any sort of treatment? That should be available to everybody. My dad was a doctor and at the time he was diagnosed with cancer we weren’t paying our health insurance (i guess it’s the equivalent of PPO??) because of financial difficulties therefore we didn’t have access to private medicine which is always more “comfortable” but the city took care of every single cost, and I mean every one, from drugs to the bed when he came home to the private nurse and doctors that came home to see him and even physical therapy. We didn’t have to pay anything at all, drugs, treatments, anything. I seriously don’t know how we could have survived without that fundamental and even basic human rights help. Lots of people from other parts of the world even come to our country because of this. Sorry for the rant i just saw a post and… well. 

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ahhhhh *irene’s sound* the pleasure of unfollowing that person who thinks they can judge others :))

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I’ve been away from tumblr all day and I arrived at the worst possible time! 

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Breaking news. My desk doesn’t stink any more. 

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for some reason my desk stinks? and it’s covered with all sort of papers and stuff so i have to remove the crap, clean up, put the crap back on the desk. :(  apparently it was cleaned today but idk, did they clean it with toilet paper cause it’s ugh… i thought it was me for a sec. 

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