john watson, you keep me right!

romina. sherlock holmes (all flavours). johnlock. benedict cumberbatch, martin freeman. etc.
my little bee. nsfw sometimes.

I haven’t done this in a while! But since I have nothing better to do. Here are my latest crushes.

1. walkamongstthestars
2. imjohnlocked
3. valeria2067 
4. ben-is-my-master
5. ineffableboyfriends 
6. herrholmes 
7. threecumberpatchproblem 
8. sexlock 
9. bennysurethra 

i’m nobody’s crush :(

  1. imjohnlocked said: I approve of this crush list with all my heart and soul, what am I doing there? =.=
  2. queeentauriel said: Oh bless your heart. I love you ok xx
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