no but like every time they get asked the question about john and sherlock’s relationship martin freeman suddenly has no idea what’s going on and ben just yells “PLATONIC” fifteen times and then falls over

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Benedict can’t do one word answers [x]

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sherlock: mummy now you have to start calling me sherlock because it makes me sound 10 times more dramatic

mummy: *sighs deeply* i knew this day was going to come *stripes through this event on her ‘dramatic things william will decide to do one day’ list*

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Inspired by H.E.Shepard’s Winnie The Pooh illustrations (x) and A.A.Milne’s wisdom. (original here)

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My brother, Mycroft Holmes. You know, we will die and nobody will remember us after a year, but he will be remembered forever. At least that’s what he thinks.

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Life of Pi (2012)

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