john watson, you keep me right!

romina. sherlock holmes (all flavours). johnlock. benedict cumberbatch, martin freeman. etc.
my little bee. nsfw sometimes.

The king is dead! Long live the king!

.. or behind


Anonymous said: what are your feelings toward marylock?

it’s not my cup of tea.  i don’t have it blacklisted as i have other ships. i really don’t see it even if i’ve read some meta about it once but to me the only thing that can be in front of “lock” is “john”.

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things Sherlock normally doesn’t do but did for John [x]

You ever suck on a hard candy until it gets sharp and then accidentally stab yourself with it? That is this gif set. 

jamesmoriatty said: i really love your gifssss ! asdsfdgfh

dlkadslfkjg *blushes* thank you so much!!! :))  this means a lot to me! <3

— Yes, punch me in the face! Didn’t you hear me?

I am many things. I can be quite mad, and young, but I’m not the kind of person who goes out to nightclubs and goes crazy. I am more likely lying on my bed and listening to classical music to relax.

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